The EnergyMizer® Line of Energy Management Systems

The EnergyMizer® line of energy management systems is a UL listed and CSA approved line of product engineered to provide numerous benefits to any electrical system. Our residential and commerical systems are similar in technology, but different in their application and primary benefits to the end users.

Below is a list of the primary benefits of the EnergyMizer® product line.

1. Magnetic phase balancing of voltage to reduce demand, noise and waste in loads;
2. Harmonic filtering of non-power currents to reduce the billed Kilowatt Hour demand;
3. Transient voltage conversion by capturing surges and redistributing as usable power;
4. Resonance-free power factor correction to reduce reactive non-power demand;
5. Reduced electromagnetic fields from regenerated non-power currents as usable power.

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As the technology leader in the energy saving industry, we are committed to advancing green energy saving products for our residential, business and industrial clients worldwide!

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