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I’ve been using the EMS EnrgyMizer for almost a year now, and I’ve noticed significant reduction in my energy bills.
-Ann A., Frisco, Texas
We are very grateful for the technology that has been able to create a filter that can benefit the health of people. We seriously recommend it to everyone.
- April M.
I would highly recommend the EnergyMizer to anyone who may feel as I did, that their bill isn’t that high to really give this system a thought. I am very satisfied with the EnergyMizer and will never go without them.
- Darryl W., Escondido, CA.
Since installing the system, we have seen a noticeable reduction in our electricity bills. I also purchased a home unit for my house.
- Bob A., Ben & Jerry's, Miami, FL
The EnergyMizer that I installed in my home are doing a great job. In fact we are getting a power reduction greater than the 8% promised.
- Harry H.
We have had the opportunity to track our savings and in a comparison with last year we have noted between an 8-10% savings each month.
- Candace T., Sacred Heart School, Lake Worth, FL
After monitoring the electricity usage for the past six months the building’s reduction has exceeded our 8% projection and the payback will be less than two years.
- Richard J., Town Of Wellesley, Wellesley, MA
The average savings surpassed your written guarantee, averaging between the 10%-15% savings monthly. This Unit should be in every home!
- Jan H.
I just reviewed my electric bills and compared them to last year. We saved an average of 16% every month!!!
- Judy K.
Can you imagine being excited to receive your every bill! The Energy Mizer works great! Just plug it in and let it do its job. How great is that.
- Lois W.
I did a small bench test today on the residential EnergyMizer. When applying the EnergyMizer it reduced the current by 29% and held steady.
- Mike V.